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October 2014


October has always been one of my favorite months. It houses fall, football, cooler weather, wassail, chili, because we live in a small football (and baseball) town, the town is always a buzz, but most importantly… our anniversary. October of 2014 we got to go to a few high school games as a family, we had met our sweet friends the Garretts in September and were now finding tons of fun things to do together! We even went to a movie at the park to see the Goonies. I had never seen the movie.. and apparently the 3 of them forgot how much “bad stuff” was in it and we quickly sent the kids to the playground so they wouldn’t hear and see it. We took the boys to the fireman parade… looking at these pictures is so fun! Oh how little they were!

Jeff had bought me 3 roses one day just because I was having a bad day… things like this… I really miss. Another thing I miss… date nights. Jeff and I had gone to see Left Behind as an early anniversary gift. It was a great night out.

It’s weird now to see pictures from when he was so healthy because for the last year of his life, he slowly turn and deteriorated, especially in the last 6 months.

One of the things Jeff and I loved to do together was watch tv, for us it gave us the chance to wind down together and we would talk about the shows that were in season, which was a blessing when he was unable to move much because we could sit together and enjoy them rather than feeling the need to go out and do things. We loved watching Dancing with the Stars, and this season Alfonso Ribeiro was on it. For those who didn’t know Jeff.. he could do a mean Carlton. The video I snuck of him doing it is something I treasure so much! I laugh at it all the time & it reminds me of the free spirit he was.

October 8th is our anniversary, it’s hard to believe we were 3 years into marriage and 6 months into the cancer battle. we didn’t do anything special on the actual day since we had celebrated early & had plans a few days later. One thing that did happen though was our son lost TWO teeth that day.


I am so glad he was able to be there to see so many milestones, but I grieve when new milestones come up that he isn’t there for. Like learning to ride a bike, soon it’ll be the first day of middle school.. high schoolfirst dates, graduations, wedding. All things Jeff will miss, but still… we are thankful for the time and moments we had with him. On the 12th we got to have another date night and go see Kari Jobe at our church. It was a wonderful night of worship & a great way to celebrate our anniversary.


On the 25th we took family photos that turned out to be my favorites we ever took. I am forever grateful to Natalie for taking amazing photos.

October is in the season of changecolors changing, temperatures changing, typically switching over from baseball to football… it’s all about change. This year will be no different… then again, my whole year has been about change.

October 2014 was a great one, possibly the best one we ever had together. This one… will be a hard one. Praying for the Lord’s comfort every day, but this coming October… we will need extra prayer when it comes.

God Bless,



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