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Happy Birthday Jeff

Yesterday was Jeff’s birthday, he would’ve turned 37.… we always teased him that he was an old man. Being 7 years older than me, had grey hairs and more injuries than a man for his age, he was an easy target. Truth of the matter is, he wasn’t old at all… so when I think about the fact that at 36 my husband died, it still hits hard. So young!!! 

The day wasn’t as emotional as I thought it would be not having him with us to celebrate. We filled the day with as many fun distractions as we could. Emotions were still there and there were other family issues going on that brought on all sorts of emotions. For us here on earth, it was a sad day, but when you think about Heaven, it must’ve been one great birthday for him! That thought made the pain here on earth a little better.

For most people,  I’m sure they would want their loved one to come back to earth, but I don’t. Now don’t go judging me here… hear me out!! Earth is a place filled with sin, sorrow and pain. Yes it has joys, great happy moments, people to love, things to experience, and we should experience life to the fullest! But when you compare to the glory and splendor that awaits in Heaven, the lack of sin, pain, sorrows.. the absence of Cancer, PTSD and emotional hurts… sounds like the best best place to spend a birthday to me!

So while here on earth, family and friends miss him dearly… but for those of us who are believers in Christ, we look forward to seeing him again in Heaven one day. Until then, we will keep his memory in our hearts.

God Bless,



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