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Seven Months

Wow, it’s hard to believe its been a month since my last blog. Life has honestly blown by for us this month. October is always a busy month for us, but to throw in Fall Baseball to the mix has made it insane! 3 nights a week at the ball field but I love it! Jacob is doing really well and picking up the game quickly considering he had never played before. He’s growing athletically, physically, mentally & emotionally. I’m really going to miss our time out at the field when the season is over and will look forward to Spring Baseball. 

Speaking of baseball, our house has been filled with so much excitement between Jacob’s team and the Astros going to the World Series! It reminds me so much of growing up and having our lives revolve around God, family & sports. Makes my heart happy! On Saturday, game 7 of the ALCS, Jacob also had a baseball game at the same time. We had our phones out watching feed of the Astros/ Yankees while watching Jacob’s team win! As soon as the game was over we rushed off to dinner in Whataburger (doesn’t get more Texas than that) where we kept the feed running. The moment George Springer caught the fly ball to clench the series was so awesome that everyone on their phones in Whataburger erupted in cheers! Our family even did the wave at our table even though dad thought we were goobers. This is a sight I know Jeff & my Paw Paw would have loved to have been apart of. A moment none of us will forget. 

I’ve been able to get out and make time for friends, which has been really good for the healing journey. For so long I put everyone else first and I ran myself into the ground over it many days. Learning to make time for what I need has been a huge mindset change, but I’m finding a healthy balance slowly but surely.

The 8th would have been our 6th anniversary, we got to spend it doing just what Jeff would have wanted to do… watching the Packers defeat the Cowboys surrounded by friends. We had a great time & I even cheered for the Packers... shocking I know. Being surrounded by close friends helped it to not be a ridiculously hard day and it is a testimony how God can heal hurts. It doesn’t mean I don’t still love and miss him, but life is getting easier. 

The other week, my best friend Christina came over while I sorted through crates of Jeff’s clothes and some keep-sakes. I am going to have a quilt made for Jacob of some of his old clothes. And then I went through and separated out all the Packers gear Jeff had said he wanted to go to our friends. It was very healing to process through all of it. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. 

I fully expected October to be one of the hardest months of this journey, but God is showing his grace and mercy! It has been a really great month. If you think about me, pray for me over the next 2 months as we tackle the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without Jeff, pray that we find amazing blessings and joy in what could feel like a very lonely time. And pray that we keep our eyes on Jesus for comfort.

God Bless,



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